I'm Jane, a recent graduate from a Master's program in Human-Computer Interaction Design. My undergraduate degree in Anthropology has greatly influenced the way I understand human behaviour and motivations. I'm curious and love to observe and understand people's actions and decisions. My Anthropology background has equipped me with essential research skills, such as participant observation, data interpretation, and analysis.

Since I graduated from my undergraduate degree and started working in a different industry, I have always longed for a career that would allow me to utilize my interests and strengths. Then, I discovered User Experience Design. I knew this was the perfect field for me, as it aligns with my passion for creating user-centered designs that are empathetic and inclusive through understanding user needs.

I decided to pursue my Master's degree at the City, University of London, where I gained a solid foundation in the practical skills required in the industry and honed my research skills. My background in Anthropology and my Master's program have helped me see the world differently, where I approach people with empathy and constantly think about human motivation. I am excited to take the next step in my career and join an organization that values user-centered design and shares my passion for creating user-oriented products.


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